Governor, Joseph Talachy Pueblo of Pojoaque

We caught up with the Pueblo of Pojoaque, Governor Joseph Talachy, recently and chatted about the importance of health & wellness. He had a lot of sage advice to offer and leads by example. In fact, he mentioned his leadership style is to, “stay humble, be a community-servant” and “never ask others to do something if I’m not willing to do it first.” And that includes encouraging his staff to make fitness a part of their day.

Governor Joseph Talachy begins his fitness training early in the morning. You can often catch him lifting weights, after a jump rope warm-up session, at 6:30 am in the mornings. He said he loves the mornings because it allows him to hit “the reset button” and ease the stresses of the previous day. This enables him to start with “a feeling of success” after a good workout.

In the short conversation, we learned Governor Joseph Talachy deeply cares about the Pueblo of Pojoaque community. He feels compelled to make fitness a daily activity, make good nutritional choices, and make his faith a priority, so he can have “clarity of mind” when making sound business & leadership decisions for all of Pojoaque members, residents, and visitors.

Governor Talachy is a strong leader, creatively intelligent, and has a build of a muscular NFL linebacker. However, be rest assured, he is very friendly, approachable, and eager to know how he can help you thrive in the Pueblo of Pojoaque. So if you see him in the weight-room or around the Pojoaque Wellness Center, thank him for his commitment & dedication to the Pueblo and perhaps do a few “sets” with him. He’ll encourage and motivate you as he’s naturally a “coach” and loves giving tips on building up the mind, body, and spirit.

Watch the video below to discover what Governor Talachy says about health & wellness at the Pojoaque Wellness & Healing Arts Center.