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Feel free to email us at bewell@pojoaque.org with any questions and concerns!

Get In Touch

Abraham Kosgei: Facility Director

Email: akosgei@pojoaque.org

Personal Training; Fitness Instructor; Youth Development Activities; Social Events

Adam Duran Jr.: Facility Manager

Email: adam.duranjr@pojoaque.org

Marketing; Website; Customer Service; Social Media; Event Coordinator; Personal Training; Fitness Instructor; Front Desk Help

Ralph Viarrial: Front Desk

Front Desk Help; Social Events

Robert Orozco: Fitness Specialist

Contact: 505-577-0222

Social Events; Event Assistant; Equipment Specialist; A.C.E. Personal Trainer (American Council Exercise) ; Front Desk Help

Julia Diaz: Lifeguard

Lifeguard; youth activities



 Jotham Espinoza: Lifeguard, Instructor

Email: jnespinoza@pojoaque.org

Aerobic Instructor, Lifeguard, Aquatic Instructor, Swim Instructor, Youth Activities

Kassia Howell: Lifeguard


Layla Coriz: Lifeguard, Instructor

Lifeguard; swim instructor; youth activities

Anica Urioste: Lifeguard

Lifeguard; youth activities

Darius Martinez: Lifeguard

Lifeguard; youth activities

Marcus Rohrich: Lifeguard

Lifeguard; youth activities

Juan David Suriel: Lifeguard

Lifeguard; youth activities

The Pojoaque Wellness Center thanks and appreciates Silver Sneakers! We appreciate all the support you provide to your members to join us at our facility! We welcome ALL Silver Sneaker members!

The Pojoaque Wellness Center thanks and appreciates Tivity Health! We appreciate all the support you provide your members to join us at our facility! We welcome ALL Tivity Members!

The Pojoaque Wellness Center would like to thank the Charger Aquatics Swim Team for their continuous support and dedication. We appreciate the effort and dedication you have for the sport, and we wish you the best in the future! We are proud partners with the Charger Aquatics!

The Pojoaque Wellness Center is happy to be partners with Run 4 God. Run 4 God is an organization that uses running to help people connect their passion for running to their faith to God.

The Pojoaque Wellness Center is proud partners with the Jamii Running Club! We welcome everyone to join us in the foothills of Pojoaque every weekend! Come out and support our divers group of athletes!