Come Take A Breath Of Fresh Air

Meet Pueblo of Pojoaque Governor, Joseph Talachy. Watch video and get inspired about your health & wellness plan.


Although the wellness center is on tribal land and owned by the Pueblo of Pojoaque we keep the facility open to the general public so all who desire optimal mind, body, and spirit healing can build a better quality of life.

And that’s because we believe strongly in fostering a sense of community by hosting events, (youth sports camps, fun runs, educations workshops, tournaments, etc.) to encourage connections and social wellness, by providing all the working equipment you need for physical fitness, and our location enjoys the quietness of the land, surrounded by natural beauty, so you can find balance and get centered spiritually.

This is why we’re known to be “The Most Affordable, Accessible, and Adventurous Wellness Center In Northern New Mexico.” Become a member of Pojoaque Wellness Center and you’ll experience a transformational lifestyle where you can have fun new experiences, renewed health & vitality, and a place to nurture old friendships while making new ones for optimal wellness.



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