Under New Management: Abraham Kosgei New Director

The Pueblo of Pojoaque Wellness Center is pleased to announce Abraham Kosgei as new Director. Abraham, born in Kenya, Africa, has been on staff at The Pojoaque Wellness Center for nine years. He is from the Kalenjin African tribe. The Kalenjin tribe are known worldwide as the best long-distance runners in the world often winning major marathons and Olympic events. Likewise, Abraham is a competitive long-distance runner who once was a member of the African National Olympic Trial team. He loves to run everyday. Specifically, he enjoys off-trail running. Abraham is also the co-founder of the Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder Half-Marathon which recently celebrated it’s nine year anniversary. This year his half-marathon event had record attendance;1400 runners!

In Africa, there is a certain philosophy, or rather “a way of life” called “Harambee”. This is a spirit of community, “all for one…one for all”. Abraham’s vision is to evolve The Pueblo of Pojoaque Wellness Center as more of a “community center” to meet the needs of our community. To better understand the needs and desires of our community…Abraham’s first order of business was to ask our members directly.

He commissioned a survey which simply asks: What health & wellness classes would you like to participate in?, What days work best for you?, and What times?. The survey also gives you an opportunity to give feedback on how better to serve you.

Please let us know. We’re also considering implementing some new training and classes such as:

Home School Physical Education
Power Walking Group
Adult Swim Classes
Hip Hop Dance Classes
Social Wellness Events
Nutritional & Food Workshops
Kids Tumbling Class

The surveys will be excepted through Oct 31, 2018. Afterwards, Abraham will analyze the data and program new Health & Wellness classes, workshops, and special events based upon the survey results. This way, the members get more choices, more group training, classes, and special events at the times & days most convenient to them. This initiative showcases Abraham’s commitment to excellence in serving our members.

Please stop by the Pueblo of Pojoaque Wellness Center and congratulate new Director, Abraham Kosgei, on his new position. Also, you can help Abraham serve you better by completing the quick survey. Tell us your fitness interest here….